Events # 5

21 May


we went to valley view area ; North /East of  Escondido. The native american tribes. To take pictures for my project in  digital art class that I had.  There was a small American Indian museum “wasxayam Pomki” which it was the name of the place.   It was very beautiful. I truly enjoyed the Museum,  the collections include works of aesthetic, religious, and historical significance as well as articles produced for everyday use. of american indians. I took lot’s of Pictures. These are some of my Pictures. I did learn a lot about their culture. Not so much like an art exhibit but agreat deal of their native and the influence of their culture. we even went to their school and find out a lot  more about how and when that school was built-in. Lot’s of things that I had no idea. I do want to go back and explore more and learn more about them I will probably paint from some of my Pictures that I took from there.  It was a great experience for me. and made me realized how much I love photography.  I am very pleased and thankful for this opportunity.


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