Events # 4

21 May

This was another Exhibit that I saw in first floor at the  Art building : Date: April 24th. Title, What do you want to be when you grow up?

This was the question that was posed in February to tree Pre-kindergarten classes at the center for children and families.Located on the CSUSM Campus. children in these classes spent a week exploring careers by reading books and having discussions on the topic. The students were asked to paint what they want to be when they grow up.and were “interviewed” about their paintings. This exhibit was the “brainchild” of PAM WELLS. director of career center. It was  a great deal to see this Exhibit. I think because of having a 5 years old my self and especially that he is going to kindergarten this September it made me more interested to look at these very interesting and cute paintings. When I came home I asked my son to paint about the same subject. Cute and great experience that I learned and made me to even talk about this exhibit to my family too. It was different the way kids painting was displayed, made me  to walk in to the art show. Color full and very playful I loved it. I have to say I did do the same thing with some of my kids painting at home and display them almost the same way. Great respect for the project which it was funded by donations from, the career center Division of student Affairs. UARSC and a private donors.

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