Events #3

21 May

Art Exhibit at The Art building in CSUSM.

about several weeks ago; Around  Aprill 24th  I was passing by the art Building. I Saw the exhibit “introduction to two-dimensional ART VSAR 130,

It was the students art work that It made me to look more in to it. The influence of this exhibit was I will take this class and I know it will teach me a great deal of coloring and Mixed media. One of the art works, belong to Marta Coffin,and the name of the art work was  “Japanese Notan Cutouts”. It was first,  design on black paper and then flipped mirror image onto white paper to create a striking figure-ground relationship, that it catch my eyes. It was great and I really enjoyed looking at it. By going and look in to this, not only enjoyed also  learn a lot about this class, and I find out what this class  can offer..  I really like when they do make an exhibit from the art class, and I do respect the art work of other students.   Maybe this is something that our class could have done too and display all of students designs, just to show other students. to What this class can offer.

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