Events # 5

21 May


we went to valley view area ; North /East of  Escondido. The native american tribes. To take pictures for my project in  digital art class that I had.  There was a small American Indian museum “wasxayam Pomki” which it was the name of the place.   It was very beautiful. I truly enjoyed the Museum,  the collections include works of aesthetic, religious, and historical significance as well as articles produced for everyday use. of american indians. I took lot’s of Pictures. These are some of my Pictures. I did learn a lot about their culture. Not so much like an art exhibit but agreat deal of their native and the influence of their culture. we even went to their school and find out a lot  more about how and when that school was built-in. Lot’s of things that I had no idea. I do want to go back and explore more and learn more about them I will probably paint from some of my Pictures that I took from there.  It was a great experience for me. and made me realized how much I love photography.  I am very pleased and thankful for this opportunity.



Events # 4

21 May

This was another Exhibit that I saw in first floor at the  Art building : Date: April 24th. Title, What do you want to be when you grow up?

This was the question that was posed in February to tree Pre-kindergarten classes at the center for children and families.Located on the CSUSM Campus. children in these classes spent a week exploring careers by reading books and having discussions on the topic. The students were asked to paint what they want to be when they grow up.and were “interviewed” about their paintings. This exhibit was the “brainchild” of PAM WELLS. director of career center. It was  a great deal to see this Exhibit. I think because of having a 5 years old my self and especially that he is going to kindergarten this September it made me more interested to look at these very interesting and cute paintings. When I came home I asked my son to paint about the same subject. Cute and great experience that I learned and made me to even talk about this exhibit to my family too. It was different the way kids painting was displayed, made me  to walk in to the art show. Color full and very playful I loved it. I have to say I did do the same thing with some of my kids painting at home and display them almost the same way. Great respect for the project which it was funded by donations from, the career center Division of student Affairs. UARSC and a private donors.

Events #3

21 May

Art Exhibit at The Art building in CSUSM.

about several weeks ago; Around  Aprill 24th  I was passing by the art Building. I Saw the exhibit “introduction to two-dimensional ART VSAR 130,

It was the students art work that It made me to look more in to it. The influence of this exhibit was I will take this class and I know it will teach me a great deal of coloring and Mixed media. One of the art works, belong to Marta Coffin,and the name of the art work was  “Japanese Notan Cutouts”. It was first,  design on black paper and then flipped mirror image onto white paper to create a striking figure-ground relationship, that it catch my eyes. It was great and I really enjoyed looking at it. By going and look in to this, not only enjoyed also  learn a lot about this class, and I find out what this class  can offer..  I really like when they do make an exhibit from the art class, and I do respect the art work of other students.   Maybe this is something that our class could have done too and display all of students designs, just to show other students. to What this class can offer.

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19 May

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17 May

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17 May

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12 May

Event #2 Infinite Balance, MOPA

1 May

This is the first time that I went to MOPA.  I focused on different photographers. I was so amazed by the photography of many amazing artists.  I will definitely remember this exhibition because I was able to see the most amazing artwork by the most inspiring photographers. Every photo had a message behind it, but one must look very close in order to understand the meaning behind the photography. I love Photography myself, I like to go out to nature to capture its beauty. I also like to take images of events, my family or even friends. After visiting the exhibition, I feel I have to put even more effort and passion into my photography. What I learned from the exhibition was, in times we often see things, but we don’t really capture what is beyond it.

What I learned from the exhibition was, in times we often see things, but we don’t really capture what is beyond it. In some cases, there are people who are artistic and are prone to see what other’s cannot visualize. Every individual has a talent which can be expressed and processed differently. Something you see can mean entirely divergent things to someone else; for example, some may see things that may seem simple, but in the eyes of an artist, it can be perceived with a whole new definition, dimension, and a potentially new discovery. When I take my own images, my view of the world can be different towards looking at everyday objects as potential art.

       Edward Burtynsky was one of the artist that I really liked his Pictures He is a great photographer. The coloring of the photos are very powerful and eye-catching. It makes the photo look “real”. I like the Alberta Oil Sands, the oil spill reflects the sky and its environment.. Burtynsky goal is to give a message with this photo; “humanity’s impact on Earth”. He is such a powerful artist because he constantly wants to bring out a powerful message with his photographs.


27 Apr

Making Connection (Final)

27 Apr

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